My first experience with Pushkar….

Walking and talking  in the colourful street of Pushkar our eyes got stuck on the flying Pelicans .

Pelicans!! I wondered . Ya Pelicans my friend confirmed.

And then in this advanced world of Google map. we chose to follow these birds to reach to the lakeside. And following them we reach to the holy water reservoir of Pushkar. Which was surrounded by the big and small temples. Walking on the steps encircling the kund(water reservoir), Kerstin and I were sharing about our culture and traditions. Her thirst for the knowledge and her big heart was embracing the soul of my country . we both dove deep in our conversation, reached to somewhat less crowded side of the Kund . where a man was reading a news paper , two women were sitting beside him. At one corner one man from some other country was practising his art ,A dog was running here and there and a cow was wandering in search of  food.


Evening was warm enough to settled without our winter jackets.Slowly, The Sun started setting, and the Sky started changing its colours from bright to the darker shades. And as always  the water followed the colours of its companion “The Sky”.

As the sun set  the evening became bit colder.


The Pelicans settled on the surface of the water. The flocks of Geese and Ducks were swimming calmly, creating ripple on the surface of the water which reach till the solitary bird sitting on the bank. Although the Sun has set but its Hues were still shining the water. Gradually ,the euphonic sound of the holy mantras and bells made the whole surrounding even calmer. We both were silent and rejoicing this moment.This whole moment, made me realise again ,that the presence of god can be perceive through out the world , in the form of any person, in any animal , in nature and yes of course in a feeling. And that very particular moment filled me with the presence of some thing good  or  God everywhere around me not specifically in the  temple, in the  church or in the Mosque.

The presence of a friend from a faraway land, the beauty of setting sun , its hues in sky and on water, the calm birds, the resonance of the bells and the mantras brought everything in perfect consonance .This moment ended very soon but lasted forever.





From the mountains…

I was in the bus and dreaming something beautiful. Suddenly the Curves and hairpin turns on the Himalayas woke me up. Struggling to see as all was so hazy I rubbed my      eyes and found that ,it was not due to the  drowsy eyes rather it was due to the  mist on the glasses of the  bus ,which caused this blurred vision. I cleaned the glass with my bare palm, glasses were moist and my palms became moist too . And I saw series of mountains which sequentially look green then grey and in the last glistening snow-line ranges, in front of them the mountain river was  flowing downwards, cutting the rock and perpetually moving forward.

I was astonished by such a beautiful wake up call …. My heart mumbled Himachal…. Something more beautiful than the dream I was watching while sleeping.


Leaning on the mountains, seeing dense forest , ceaseless streams and series of ranges in front – Bir . It is a small village in Himachal Pradesh. The homage for Tibetans, the Indian Capital of paragliding . And for me … A reason to fall in love with the Mountains .


Bir to Billing

It is small beautiful trek of 7 KM .  As soon as I reached to the starting point of trekking, I was wondering over the vastness of the mountains which were surrounding me. They all were covered with the jungle of Cedrus Deodara. They were enchanting. I ran in their direction .But It was not the direction we were supposed to go. So  I turned towards the stream. I was so excited that I started making Stride, wait if you walk like this you will be tired soon.And my guide gave me some instructions  and I followed them.

Climbing slowly, along with the spring , we were entering into the dense forest…. different insects ,birds were making a  background music throughout my trekking. It was good to feel that.


It was in the mid of the trek ,I had a question whether I would be able to make it possible or not. I rested , closed my eyes, and told to myself that I have not come till here to go back. I must gather all little strength that I possess …moreover confidence that yes I will do it (the words of my trekking  guide Kamal bhaiya)  and  must keep moving forward. Sometime left or then right to the spring, drinking the mountain water, energising our selves ,we climbed the rocks and the mountains .We crossed the valley and the springs, rested on lush green Plateau, smelling  Burans, Pine, Cedar , trying to save our selves from rolling rocks.. Talking about village and tribes, listening the tales of the mountains  , we climbed the steep sturdy mountain

It is well said, that after the hardest climb we have the most beautiful view. ..

I was at Billng  .


Below were the forest, valley , and streams which were difficult to be recognized , far were the villages , above was the limitless sky. Sun was peeping from the clouds and was trying to shine down on green slopes of the mountains. . And the cool Breeze was whispering, “Up above , is the long way… come along  with me . we will go towards east or in west ,will wander until you wonder”

My guide instructed me for paragliding. He told me to observe the people who are  ready to the take off. For successful take off , I chose to observe  “what not to do” .   I was excited and was ready to fly next morning.

The next Morning


It was raining in the morning and I was bit doubtful that I will be able to go for paragliding or not .But the best part about whether is that it keeps on changing. Soon the cab full of a Squad of Pilots were there to accompany the flight.

After 50 minutes we reached to the Billing , Breeze was cold and I  started shivering . Don’t know Out of cold breeze or out of  excitement . To overcome this I ran in front then off to the side. I ran hither and thither, hopped and  then  I was not shivering any more…

Pilot had done all the set up. He tied all the knots and I checked them again. He shouted  run and though it was so hard to run  against the wind with load , I ran , after few steps the  wind took me in its lap , I felt secure . “I did it”, I screamed with delight. The wind and the pilot controlling the paragliders took me high up n the Sky .


I looked down.. I was above the Mountains, The huge tree were so small now, and Streams like a glistening silver thread were making a beautiful embroidery ,the colorful houses were embedded like gems on the  sloppy terrain. All were very beautiful and enchanting.

My heart was skipping with Joy . I am flying , I am flying, this was all I could utter at that particular moment. For few minutes I was Speaking loudly . The wind was there and we were unable to hear each other.


Then suddenly I saw the vastness of the world and

I realised that We and our tales are so small in this big world. We are confined in a small world created by our selves . And we expect everything in that small circle only. We need to look beyond these limits. The world is limitless, and there resides wonder at each and every step and so  we  are … Limitless and wonderful.

I lost in this beautiful world, and I found myself. I felt the bliss of being alive. I wished for nothing better than to remain there forever.

Those beautiful moment passed so quickly and gave me lifetime memories to cherish . Now though after more than a month, My heart still dwells somewhere in the mountains… chasing the  streams, listening the creatures ,smelling the wild beauty , flying high in the sky… Yes I still dwell in the mountains.

जयपुर डायरी के एक पन्ने से –



सुर्ख गुलाबी , कुछ पारदर्शी पंखुड़ी वाला फूल जिसे बचपन में कभी नहीं तोड़ा l बहुत ही सामान्य सा दिखता था कभी किसी के आंगन में खिले गुलाब की तरह आकर्षित नहीं किया तो टूटने से बचा रहा l ये फूल जिसे में अब देखते ही खुश हो जाती हूँ –बोगनवेलिया हैं l


बोगनवेलिया से लदी डगाल…..

ये बोगनवेलिया कभी किसी होटल की शोभा बढ़ाते या किसी के घर से झांकते यंहा ( जयपुर) में बहुतायत में दिख रहे हैं l और में इन बहुतायत में दिखने वाले फूलो में खोज रही हूँ इन्हें हर रोज़ कभी ऑफिस के रास्ते तो कभी बाज़ार जाते हुए l कंही ये झाड़ियों में खिल रहे हैं तो कंही तपती चट्टान के बाजू से मुस्कुरा रहे हैं l कचरे के ढेर के पास भी हैं ,ये l और ऊँचे भरे पेड़ो का सहारा लिए , देखो अब कैसे आसमां छु रहे हैं l और जब आसमां से नज़रे नीचे उतारी तो बीच में ही ठिठक गयी , क्योंकि देखो तो, छत पर, तारों से कैसे झूल रहे हैं ये l जब जयपुर आई तब यह शहर काफी गर्म  था, रेतीले से रंग का दिख रहा था सब जब तक बोगनवेलिया के बेहतरीन रंग न देखे थे l

हाँ , अब ये सिर्फ गुलाबी रंग में नहीं बल्कि खामोश सफ़ेद , पुराने पड़ गए नारंगी और हल्के गुलाबी रंगों में भी दिख रहे हैं l हर सुबह निकल पड़ती हूँ में इनकी खोज में l इनके रंगों को लेने , इनकी कोमलता को महसूस करने, वो कोमलता जो काँटों में खिलने पर कायम हैं l


कैसे इतनी गर्मी में कायम हैं इनके इतने रंग और इनके रंगों की चटख? कैसे सूखे में भी हँस रहे हैं ये l ये अजूबा हैं जीवन का – जैसे इन्होने अपने आप को ढाला हैं, हमेशा खिलते रहने के लिए l

क्यों ये फूल कभी अकेला नहीं दिखता, शायद ये समझते हैं एकदूसरे के साथ होने का मतलब l हाँ पर मिला था एक फूल अकेला , पर गिरा हुआ था फर्श पर , बेशक किसी ने तोड़ा होगा या हवा की मार नहीं झेल पाया होगा l

ये बोगनवेलियाके रंग  समाये हुए हैं अपनी सादगी को l जैसा बाहर वैसा ही भीतर, एक सादगी भरा फूल l


कैसे इतनी गर्मी में कायम हैं इनके इतने रंग और इनके रंगों की चटख? कैसे सूखे में भी हँस रहे हैं ये l ये अजूबा हैं जीवन का – जैसे इन्होने अपने आप को ढाला हैं, हमेशा खिलते रहने के लिए l

क्यों ये फूल कभी अकेला नहीं दिखता, शायद ये समझते हैं एकदूसरे के साथ होने का मतलब l हाँ पर मिला था एक फूल अकेला , पर गिरा हुआ था फर्श पर , बेशक किसी ने तोड़ा होगा या हवा की मार नहीं झेल पाया होगा l

ये बोगनवेलियाके रंग  समाये हुए हैं अपनी सादगी को l जैसा बाहर वैसा ही भीतर, एक सादगी भरा फूल l

कैसे ये सादगी आँगनो को सजाती हैं? कैसे हर मिटटी को अपना बना लेती हैं ?ये बोगनवेलिया का फूल बेशक कोई साधारण फूल नहीं हैं , एक पूरी कहानी हैं  l जीवन में समरसता सादापन संघर्षो में सफलता का किस्सा गढ़ते  l जो मेरे आसपास चारो और कायम हैं l












The Beginning

When I look back, I found that going for a Solo trip was the only thing which motivated me throughout the year 2017.Anyhow I could make it possible by the end of the year. My trip started from the day I finalised the place to visit.  I did not know about how to reach there the only thing which I could do on the very first day was imagining me at my destiny.

I gathered some information from the locals of Rajgarh ( small town in Madyapresdesh india).And next morning with charged camera and some other important stuff I headed towards once the Capital of Malwa – Maheshwar. Yes during eighteenth century Maheshwar was the capital of The great Maratha queen Ahilya Devi Holkar. 


Madna ( Traditional Indian decoration and Pattern)

Beauty that was awaiting: The first Sight

It was pleasant morning when I got down at Maheshwar. I walked a bit till the Square where I got Auto rikshwa. Small shops, cartwheels, people, painted houses were passing behind me in the narrow streets of the town. And soon  Watching painted wall (Madna) I reached to the Ahilya  fort.

Sometime in life you really do not realise what beautiful awaits for you until you reach to your Destiny. And so I realised after having the first sight of a Temple from the top.The holy ,majestic , splendid piece of an art was stealing the eyes of me and many others.


Maheshwar fort and Narmada river

Story carved on the walls

After crossing many arched gateway I entered to the temple. This fort I would rather prefer to call it the incredible piece of a beautiful architect stands steadily at the bank of river Narmada . The temple was full of people however I managed to have a glimpse of its architect. Each stone of the temple was carved moreover each temple of the temple was carved differently.  The rim of the temple was adorned with Floral and geometric friezes. The carved elephant encircling the temple, and beautifully fringed windows were enchanting. For few moments I dove in the beauty of the cenotaph and in the middle of chaos I found myself lost in the harmony where at one side the sparkling river was flowing unsteadily and on the other side the artistic human intervene was standing steadily.


carved human statue


Carved Elephants encircling the Temple .

The beautiful coincident 

While returning, my love for saree dragged me to visit Maheshawari saree handloom . I wanted to take some pictures of a loom and the weaver of maheshwari saree, but it was not allowed .And then  the beautiful coincident took place. While observing the maheshwari saree my gaze got stuck  on the front page of one little book . German book that was . And I met luci ,A girl from Germany came  to volunteer the Maheshwari saree handloom  REHWA .  I was surprised as in the interior of Madhyapradesh I cannot expect to talk to someone in German language but it happened , she too was happy to talk to someone in her mother tongue e out of Germany. And then she showed me the loom  We had a very long conversation which we both don’t wanted to discontinue .

REHWA Society

REHWA Society is a NGO  which  not only protecting the hand weaving maheshwari  saree but also empowering women weavers by providing them livelihood , healthcare ,education etc .  The loom I visited is situated adjacent to the temple . A  long corridor surrounds a beautiful garden , in this corridor the craftsman of the loom were creating  a very fine fabric . The  Border are mostly inspired by the  carvings of the maheshwar fort , Waves of river Narmada, cotton flower . 

Manufacturing of Maheshwari saree



Fascinated by the simplicity of this maheshwari Sari , loom and the weavers, I purchased a material for suit and one Sari . Thanks to Lucy ,because of her I could visit the loom . This was the perfect gift  from  2017.



आज बड़े दिनों बाद जब,

मैंने मन के सेलाबो को केनवास पर

उतारने के लिए रंगों को समेटा,

तो उन रंगों को फीका सा पाया,

वे रंग असली नहीं थे l

मुझे रंग चाहिए जिनमे,

घास के तिनके पर दिखने वाली हरे रंग सी चटख हो,

अपनी माँ को देख बच्चे की आँखों मे आने वाली चमक हो,

रंग जिनमे नीले आसंमा सी व्यापकता, और,

हरे- नीले समुद्र की लहरों सी चंचलता हो,

वह रंग भी चाहिए,

जिसमे सूरज अपने नारंगी – पीली किरणों को और अधिक फैला दे,

और वो लाल रंग जो गोकुल गाय के मखमली आवरण सा आभास दे,

एक पारदर्शी रंग जिसमे पानी सी तरावट हो, वह भी चाहिये

और वह रंग भी चाहिए,

जो रात को चाँद सा उजला और दिन को और अधिक गहरा बना देता है,
फिर भी एक रंग की कमी है,

शायद यह वह रंग होगा, जो इन सब रंगों से मिलकर बनेगा,

और फिर सजीव हो उठेगी केनवास पर मेरी छोटी सी दुनिया,

मुझे अब रंग भरने के लिए नए रंग चाहिए,
और हर रंग असली  चाहिए  l


मैं  बहुत  खुश थी ,जब मुझे पता चला कि मेरी यूनिवर्सिटी मे  खादी  पहनना  होता है l पापा की पुरानी फोटोज़  मे पापा हमेशा खादी पहने होते थे l साथ मे  झोला भी बाज़ू  मे टंगा होता था l इसी  कल्पना  के साथ मैंने खादी  के ढेरो सूट सिलवाए l मुझे ख़ुशी थी और गर्व भी l Image

मेरी यूनिवर्सिटी गाँधी जी के विचारो पर आधारित है l सन  1935  मै जब यह स्थपित हुई,उस समय भारत की आज़ादी के लिए संघर्ष चल रहा था ,किसी ने हिंसा का रास्ता अपनाया तो किसी ने अहिंसा का l  अंहिंसा मे  सविनय अवज्ञा आन्दोलन ,सत्याग्रह और स्वदेशी अपनाओ अदि शामिल  थे l और  खादी स्वदेशी अपनाओ की ही देन थी l  इसी सम्मान की आस मै खादी हमारे यूनिवर्सिटी  की  ड्रेस कोड थी l जो वंहा के मौसम के भी अनुकूल थी l पर यूनिवर्सिटी मै महोल अलग था l छात्राओं के लिए खादी पहनना एक बोझ की तरह था l प्रशासन चाहता था की छात्राए  खादी  पहने  ,पर छात्राए इससे सहमत नहीं थी l मै  खादी  पहनती थी क्योंकि मै इसमें सहज  महसूस करती थी l
खेर, खादी  को सम्मान देने के लिए इसे ड्रेस कोड बनाना , यूनिवर्सिटी का अपना मत था l
पर खादी शर्मिन्दा हुई ,जब उसने पाया कि  वह जबरन पहनाई  जा रही है , खादी  और भी  शर्मिन्दा हुई जब उसे न पहनने पर जुर्माना लगाया गया, खादी तब  और अधिक  शर्मिन्दा हुई जब जुर्माने से बचने के लिए छात्राओ ने खादी  की  तरह दिखने वाले कपड़ो  को  पहनना शुरू किया l
क्या इसी आदर की हक़दार है खादी ???
Khadi  is a Thread Of Freedom.  खादी अपनाने का मूल उद्दॆश्य  स्वावलंबन से था ,ताकि हम अपने लघु उद्योगों  को बढ़ावा दे सके ,और आर्थिक रूप से स्वतंत्र हो सके l खादी मात्र एक धागा नहीं है यह वह धागा है जो हमें स्वावलंबी बनाने मै सार्थक रही है l
तो क्यों न खादी का  सम्मान कुछ इस तरह से  करे कि इसे  लोगो द्वारा  स्वतंत्रता से अपनाने दिया जाए , न कि  नियम  बना कर l