The Beginning

When I look back, I found that going for a Solo trip was the only thing which motivated me throughout the year 2017.Anyhow I could make it possible by the end of the year. My trip started from the day I finalised the place to visit.  I did not know about how to reach there the only thing which I could do on the very first day was imagining me at my destiny.

I gathered some information from the locals of Rajgarh ( small town in Madyapresdesh india).And next morning with charged camera and some other important stuff I headed towards once the Capital of Malwa – Maheshwar. Yes during eighteenth century Maheshwar was the capital of The great Maratha queen Ahilya Devi Holkar. 


Madna ( Traditional Indian decoration and Pattern)

Beauty that was awaiting: The first Sight

It was pleasant morning when I got down at Maheshwar. I walked a bit till the Square where I got Auto rikshwa. Small shops, cartwheels, people, painted houses were passing behind me in the narrow streets of the town. And soon  Watching painted wall (Madna) I reached to the Ahilya  fort.

Sometime in life you really do not realise what beautiful awaits for you until you reach to your Destiny. And so I realised after having the first sight of a Temple from the top.The holy ,majestic , splendid piece of an art was stealing the eyes of me and many others.


Maheshwar fort and Narmada river

Story carved on the walls

After crossing many arched gateway I entered to the temple. This fort I would rather prefer to call it the incredible piece of a beautiful architect stands steadily at the bank of river Narmada . The temple was full of people however I managed to have a glimpse of its architect. Each stone of the temple was carved moreover each temple of the temple was carved differently.  The rim of the temple was adorned with Floral and geometric friezes. The carved elephant encircling the temple, and beautifully fringed windows were enchanting. For few moments I dove in the beauty of the cenotaph and in the middle of chaos I found myself lost in the harmony where at one side the sparkling river was flowing unsteadily and on the other side the artistic human intervene was standing steadily.


carved human statue


Carved Elephants encircling the Temple .

The beautiful coincident 

While returning, my love for saree dragged me to visit Maheshawari saree handloom . I wanted to take some pictures of a loom and the weaver of maheshwari saree, but it was not allowed .And then  the beautiful coincident took place. While observing the maheshwari saree my gaze got stuck  on the front page of one little book . German book that was . And I met luci ,A girl from Germany came  to volunteer the Maheshwari saree handloom  REHWA .  I was surprised as in the interior of Madhyapradesh I cannot expect to talk to someone in German language but it happened , she too was happy to talk to someone in her mother tongue e out of Germany. And then she showed me the loom  We had a very long conversation which we both don’t wanted to discontinue .

REHWA Society

REHWA Society is a NGO  which  not only protecting the hand weaving maheshwari  saree but also empowering women weavers by providing them livelihood , healthcare ,education etc .  The loom I visited is situated adjacent to the temple . A  long corridor surrounds a beautiful garden , in this corridor the craftsman of the loom were creating  a very fine fabric . The  Border are mostly inspired by the  carvings of the maheshwar fort , Waves of river Narmada, cotton flower . 

Manufacturing of Maheshwari saree



Fascinated by the simplicity of this maheshwari Sari , loom and the weavers, I purchased a material for suit and one Sari . Thanks to Lucy ,because of her I could visit the loom . This was the perfect gift  from  2017.