Walking and talking  in the colourful street of Pushkar our eyes got stuck on the flying Pelicans .

Pelicans!! I wondered . Ya Pelicans my friend confirmed.

And then in this advanced world of Google map. we chose to follow these birds to reach to the lakeside. And following them we reach to the holy water reservoir of Pushkar. Which was surrounded by numerous big and small temples. Walking on the steps encircling the kund (water reservoir), Kerstin and I were sharing about our culture and traditions. Her thirst for the knowledge and her big heart was embracing the soul of my country . we both dove deep in our conversation while strolling around the lake and  reached to somewhat less crowded side of the Kund . where a man was reading a news paper , two women were sitting beside him. At one corner one man from some other country was practising his art ,A dog was running here and there and a cow was wandering in search of  food.


Evening was warm enough to settled without our winter jackets.Slowly, The Sun started setting, and the Sky started changing its colours from bright to the darker shades. And as always  the water followed the colours of its companion “The Sky”.

As the sun set  the evening became bit colder.


The Pelicans settled on the surface of the water. The flocks of Geese and Ducks were swimming calmly, creating ripple on the surface of the water which reach till the solitary bird sitting on the bank. Although the Sun has set but its Hues were still shining the water. Gradually ,the euphonious sound of the holy mantras and bells made the whole surrounding even calmer. We both were silent and rejoicing this moment.This whole moment, made me realise again ,that the presence of god can be perceive through out the world , in the form of any person, in any animal , in nature and yes of course in a feeling. And that very particular moment filled me with the presence of some thing good  or  God everywhere around me not specifically in the  temple, in the  church or in the Mosque.

The presence of a friend from a faraway land, the beauty of setting sun , its hues in sky and on water, the calm birds, the resonance of the bells and the mantras brought everything in perfect consonance .This moment ended very soon but lasted forever.